China Sales Force

Our commercialization service is born as a solution for companies who need to sell in China with a more traditional approach and an offline sales funnel.

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We understand that the idiosyncrasy of each sector varies and so we adapt the methodology to each individual case and circumstances.


  • A commercial team of a western + a chinese taking care of your product
  • Officein Shanghai Center
  • Marketing direct capabilities for database generation and outbound contacting
  • Management
  • Warehouse capabilitiesin Shanghai and in-house warehouse in Shandong Province
  • Advice on how to do business in China from an experienced team.

We are the right Chinese partner with modern European-style management


  • Personal relationship with the customers.
  • First hand customer’s feedback and China’s market information.
  • Physical representation of the company in China  (notoriety and presence).
  • Risk reduction and speed up of the day to day actions.
  • Cultural distance reduction with China.
  • Time and cost reduction of operating in China.


Selling in China requires teamwork and sales pitch improvement through bi-directional feedback:

  • Weekly written report – information, evaluation and continuous improvement.
  • Direct availability of project manager through cell phone and Skype among others.
  • Weekly follow up Skype call.